In-Store Music – Your Colleagues’ Wants vs. The Brand’s Needs

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When it comes to in-store music, there is a conflict of interest between the retailer and your colleagues. The retailer uses music strategically and expects it to help fulfil business objectives, whereas your colleagues view music simply as a means of getting them through the day. We’ve discussed in previous posts about how valuable your colleagues are to businesses, so it’s important to keep them happy; but how do you manage their expectations of the music while meeting the needs of the business?

Firstly, accept that you can’t please everyone. Music is incredibly personal and the chances of your music profile being exactly what staff would listen to in their spare time is slim to none.

Secondly, be completely open with your colleagues and communicate to them the purposes of the music. A simple conversation explaining how the music has been specially selected because of the atmosphere it creates; and how it’s designed around the customer demographics, can help your colleagues see the bigger picture and understanding the music for what it is, rather than just ‘someone else’s personal choice’.

Thirdly, get them involved! Your colleagues are perfectly positioned to provide valuable insight into customer demographics, how they respond to the music, what works and what doesn’t; helping you to optimise the music profile. You do need to be careful that any feedback isn’t based on personal taste, as this will dilute the music strategy making it less focused and less effective.

Our music profilers are highly experienced in creating music policies for brands, their customers and colleagues, ensuring the right balance and satisfaction across all listeners. To find out more about how KVH Studios can create your bespoke music profile, call us today on 0113 233 7800.

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