In-Store Music and In-Store Radio: What’s the difference?

By 21st April 2021In store radio
in-store radio

Retailers use In-Store Music to create the right atmosphere for their business. At KVH Studios, we ensure the music you play in your business isn’t just suitable for your particular environment, but also features an array of tracks that reflect your brand. We also provide In-Store radio, which allows you to add your own bespoke content into the mix as well.

We’ve all been in a bad mood in a shop before, spent 5 minutes inside and just thought ‘not today, I’m going home.’ Well, it was discovered that music releases dopamine. What does this mean? Well it is scientifically proven that it eases anxiety and brightens up your day. Put some positive tunes on in the background of your store and you’ll have happy customers that will want to return. It’s also important to know your audience. Do you need laidback music? Or some tunes with a bit of bass? Whatever suits your demographic, our music library is overflowing with tens of thousands of tracks suitable for a range of audiences, all commercially friendly and screened for profanities and derogatory lyrics so you don’t need to fret over inappropriate content.

Or you may want to consider In-Store Radio. The difference between the two is that with In-Store radio you can give your brand a voice. It is an audio channel created for you. Much like regular radio but eliminating any competitive advertising and keeping the focus solely on your brand and customer to increase dwell time and therefore spend.

When you visit a shop, there’s no escaping what is playing through the speakers, so use this wisely. You’ve got a captive audience ready to spend money, so it’s the ideal opportunity to inform them of products and offers they may not be aware of. And with our in-store radio services, we make it easy to broadcast creative radio advertisements scheduled throughout your bespoke music policy. Whether it’s Christmas time and you want some festive tracks on, intertwined with the details about your festive deals; or it’s summer so you want to feature upbeat tunes and the scoop on your ice-cream sale, we can make it happen!

Our talented, experienced, award-winning production team can bring any of your promotions or key messages to life in a manner of ways. From high-concept creatives (with sound effects and bespoke music beds), to presenter-led content to really give it that authentic and engaging radio feel. If you’re not sure which is best then our creative account management team are on hand to help from concept through to scripting and creation.

Now you know the difference, consider which might benefit your business more. Both have their advantages and of course it depends on your type of business and the products you sell. In-Store music can be beneficial for all businesses (when done right), so the key is thinking about whether you’d also benefit from having content. Traditionally this is best suited for bigger businesses and FMCG, and if you’ve got multiple stores, our creative team can programme your content right down to individual store level at specific times. We can even set triggers for pre-recorded content to broadcast when specific things happen. Like when the temperature reaches a particular level, your advertisement for ice lollies will broadcast in the locations applicable. Brands such as Superdrug, SPAR, The Range and many more benefit from this tailored approach and see increased upsell from doing so.

The best thing? You don’t have to worry about the how or the science, the team at KVH Studios have the extensive experience and knowledge to create a bespoke service that meets the needs of your individual brand, listener and environment. Just give us a call today on 0113 233 7800 and we’d be happy to put together a proposal for you!

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