Hospitality fully reopens! That’s music to our ears!

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Ready for a hug? A catch up at the pub with your best mates? Or maybe a relaxing getaway at a hotel? The government guidelines have changed once again with step 3 seeing the full re-opening of hospitality and leisure across England. A welcome change for the industry as with the uncertain weather across the last month, outdoor dining has been a bit hit and miss!

As we restart the music at the remainder of our client’s sites that have been closed this past month, we look at how we can help other businesses to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere to welcome customers back in after a long period of staying at home.


Music is a very powerful neurological tool that helps to change our mindset and mood. When you hear music, your brain releases a chemical call dopamine that has a positive effect on your mood. Maybe the most significant benefit in a hospitality setting and under the current circumstances is that it can help people to feel at ease and relaxed with a certain level of comfort as they step back into society.

Whether it’s low tempo, soothing tracks to help you relax or upbeat pop music to put a smile on your face, it all helps in easing your mind and allows customers to enjoy their visit to your pub, restaurant, bar or hotel even more, increasing the chances of return visits.


Hospitality and leisure businesses are going to get a mixture of customers throughout the day, so it’s important to have a music strategy that caters for everyone. For example, a bar could be quiet early afternoon, and liven up as soon as it gets to happy hour, so you therefore want music styles that reflect the change in atmosphere. Music programming strategies such as day parting, time segmenting and rich mixing of various genres by style, artists or date etc., help to target music to precisely the right audience, so the music is always appropriate and effective, whatever time of day.


Our studio team of experienced musicologists are amongst the very best in the business. Our relationships with record companies, independent labels and emerging artists give KVH Studios the edge when curating music profiles, and thus we are in the best possible position to help you create ‘the sound of your brand’. Teamed with our extensive licensing knowledge and market-leading technology, we are so passionate and emotionally invested in music and customer satisfaction so it’s not surprising that our customers benefit time and time again.

Increase your customer’s confidence and alleviate any uncertainties they may feel about returning to a social setting with a bespoke music profile for your brand and environment. Give us a call today on 0113 233 7800 or email to find out more.

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