What’s the story with audiobooks?

By 25th May 2021Uncategorised

Audiobooks are on the rise, and with Audiobook Month coming up in June, we thought we’d take a look at why this is and how you can get started with yours…

Over the past year with the worldwide pandemic, people have found new ways to relax and take their mind off the uncertainties of current life. The popularity of audiobooks was already on the rise with global sales growing at 25-30% per annum for the past three years according to Deloitte Insights, so this period of ‘finding ways to pass the time’ has only intensified the demand. With people spending more time at home and sometimes in isolation, they have taken comfort from the spoken word with a feeling of human connection in a scary time.

Of course, there is also the convenience of being able to simply download a book in a matter of seconds which is a huge benefit in normal life, not just lockdown when bookshops have been closed for long periods. And this has had an impact on learning as well, with many students choosing to consume their usual reading material in audio form, that they may have usually visited their university library for.

Whether for pleasure or learning there’s no doubt that audio is an effective and efficient way to consume content. If you’re travelling or driving yourself, working or simply doing other tasks at home, exercising or walking (which we’ve done plenty of in the last 12 months!), you can listen to an audiobook with ease. It allows you to fill your time with entertainment or education, or simply for escapism and to increase positivity for improved mental health. A study by The Publisher’s Association found 54% of UK audiobook buyers listen to them for their convenience, while 41 per cent choose the format because it allows them to consumer books when reading print isn’t possible.

With more and more authors and publishing houses recording audio versions of their books, KVH Studios have been supporting the likes of Penguin Random House, Harper Collins and Audible with the recording and editing of their projects. Our experienced producers know what it takes to bring the words on paper to life through audio, with an extensive bank of voiceovers and the ideal studio set-up for lengthy recordings. Plus, with our state-of-the-art editing suite, we will package your audio ready for your listeners.

Find out more about our audiobook recordings here and if you have any questions, just give us a call on 0113 233 7800 or email production@kvhstudios.com.


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