Why playing commercial radio may be inappropriate for your brand

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Playing music in a retail, hospitality or leisure environment is essential to improving the atmosphere and ensuring your customers have an enjoyable and positive experience.

But of course, it’s not just about playing any old music. The wrong style, or inappropriate tracks, can be detrimental to your brand and have a negative impact on your customers, alongside other factors that influence their mood and mindset.

Many businesses choose to play commercial radio and, although you may feel this is the easiest option, there are many downsides when doing this…

  • The music is potentially unsuitable for your brand, environment, and demographics
  • You have no control over the content leaving listeners at the behest of the presenters and potentially exposing them to gloomy news reports and competitor adverts.
  • You risk alienating and, at times, offending customers

All this can affect the positivity of the atmosphere or worse, drive customers elsewhere and leave them with negative connotations of your brand.

But this can easily be avoided with a bespoke curated music service from KVH Studios. Our music specialists develop tailored music strategies that compliment your individual business, deliver the most suitable ambience and are effective in creating a positive brand experience for both customers and staff consistently across your estate.

With our huge database of commercially friendly copyright and license-free music, you can be confident we will meet your objectives whilst keeping to budget. Frequently updated with new tracks and day parted to reflect the footfall flow, your expertly profiled service will be fresh and ever evolving for continuous maximum impact.

Plus, don’t miss out on the opportunity to speak to your captive audience. Include bespoke branding, advertising, features or presenter shows for a totally unique sound that entertains, informs, and upsells to stand out from the crowd and engage customers.

Get in touch today to find out how you can benefit greatly from the simple addition of your own branded radio service by KVH Studios, and eliminate the risks associated with playing commercial radio.

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