Switching to KVH Studios as your music supplier couldn’t be easier!

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Change can be scary. We get it! OK so your music supplier hasn’t updated your tracks in a while, service levels aren’t great, and you can’t get a meeting with them for love nor money but it’s ok…it’s still serving its purpose so why bother with the upheaval of changing things right?

But what if it wasn’t an ‘upheaval’? What if you could get better quality, better service, and better value without any hassle?

With KVH Studios it’s easy!

Music supplier transition is a key area of expertise for us having managed many rollouts of different sizes and scales over the 30 years plus that we have been providing customised music services to the retail, hospitality and leisure industries.

Every rollout has allowed us to refine our process and add in more options for clients based on their individual needs. All in all this has made the process smooth and efficient which we pride ourselves on.

We’ve found the 3 key areas of concern to be resource, cost, and disruption when it comes to changing music supplier. So we have focused our efforts on ensuring we take these worries away…

So how do we do it?

  • High quality, low-cost music services tailored to your brand, demographic, and environment utilising our in-house production facilities and award-winning creative team
  • Free project management of the whole process from receipt of site list to service launch, allowing you to focus your own resource on other priorities within your business
  • Proactive creative of your music profile and voiced content by immersing ourselves in your brand and becoming an extension of your team
  • Meticulous rollout pre-planning through free telephone audits and information gathering
  • Plug and play, agile player self-installed for instant service avoiding engineer costs
  • Site communication support to ensure installations are seamless and disruption reduced
  • No service fees until rollout complete ensuring you don’t pay two suppliers at once

So don’t just put up with poor customer service, music that doesn’t fit your brand and old technology. Switch music supplier to KVH Studios with ease and take full advantage of the many benefits in-store radio can bring to your business – engaging customers, increasing sales, and motivating staff, all whilst keeping costs low.

Want to find out more? Give us a call today on 0113 233 7800 or email info@kvhstudios.com


“We recently moved to KVH Studios after experiencing issues with our last music supplier. KVH Studios were helpful and constantly on hand throughout the whole transitioning period which enabled the switch over to be flawless. From account management to the support team, they are always available to help and answer any questions or queries that we have. We are excited to work with KVH Studios on expanding our brand through music and messaging.”

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